Congregation B'nai Jehuda
The Yorkville Synagogue

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Serving The Yorkville Community
Since 1905

352 E. 78th Street
New York, NY 10075

Synagogue: 212-249-0766
Rabbi's Study: 212-744-4406

Dr. J. David Bleich: Rabbi
Edwin Blick: Chairman, Board of Directors
Mark Lekarew: Gabbai
Dr. Robert Podell: Treasurer

Please join us for our late Ma'ariv Minyan
Sunday Thru Thursday nights at 9:15 P.M.

NEW Sunday evening Shi'ur, by Rabbi J. David Bleich
Sunday 9:30-10:30 p.m. "Topics in Medical Halakhah"

Festive Chanukkah Lunch, December 23rd
Parshat Miketz, Guest Chazan Nachum Stark